What comes with a DebateAble Membership?

We make it easy and exciting to teach debate to kids-- with or without a debate background.

  • Coach Corner: Advice, support and guidance you need right now to be a successful club leader.
  • Debate Lessons: Developed specifically for upper elementary students, including step by step instructions to teach debate skills like public speaking, argumentation and active listening.
  • Activity Workbook: Debate activities that support lessons and have been tried, proven and fun-tested with DebateAble kids across the country.
  • Debate Match Package: Everything you need to hold your own debate match-- within your own Club or against another DebateAble Club.
  • Two new Evidence Packets every year. Choose from our many different topics all relevant and engaging to kids. Our Evidence Topic Library keeps growinand takes the work out of it for you. Speech Templates included.
  • Video tips and ideas from experienced DebateAble Coaches.
  • Online Coach Training.
  • Ongoing curriculum updates and additions.
  • And more...!
Membership FAQ

One Club Membership

  • $199.00 / year

    SINGLE club or class at a SINGLE site.

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One Site Membership

  • $299.00 / year

    UNLIMITED clubs or classes at a SINGLE location (school, home or other structure)

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Multi Location Membership

  • $199.00 / year

    For Districts/Providers with 10 OR MORE sites: UNLIMITED clubs at MULTIPLE locations

    ($199.00/per location)

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We want DebateAble to be affordable so as many students as possible can experience our lessons and the lifelong benefits of debate. If your school or group cannot afford a DebateAble Membership, please contact us. We’ll be happy to connect with you or your administrator so we can find a way for you to become a Member.