DebateAble Curriculum Package Usage Terms & Conditions

Use of the DebateAble Curriculum Package in whole or in part is covered by these Terms & Conditions. Purchase of  any and all DebateAble lessons or activities, including Free items, constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, do not download any DebateAble products or any portion of the Curriculum Package.

DebateAble™ is the author of a debate education curriculum (“Curriculum”) designed for use in traditional classroom settings or informal educational programs such as after-school clubs, homeschool groups, or scout troops. The goal of DebateAble™’s licensing program is to introduce Curriculum to the broadest number of appropriate persons, that is, instructors (coaches) and upper elementary and early middle school-aged students under these terms and conditions.

The license is granted to one individual for the purpose of teaching (coaching) Curriculum to students at one physical locations for all time. Each individual who teaches (coaches) students using any portion of the Curriculum must have a valid license agreement in place. Additional users and/or locations require the purchase of additional license(s).

Licensee May:

  • Download and print Curriculum for their personal use for the purpose of teaching all or any portion of Curriculum.

Licensee Must:

  • Teach/use Curriculum in a face to face setting only. Distance learning, such as e-learning, video conferencing, webinars, or other distance education is not permitted.
  • Inform DebateAble LLC (at of the complete address(es) of the physical location(s) at which Licensee intends to teach Curriculum, including street number, name, city, state and zip code, with the aforementioned limit of no more than three different locations.
  • Reference DebateAble Curriculum in any and all promotional 

Licensee May Not:

  • Loan, rent, lease, transfer, or sub-license Curriculum or any of its supporting documents.
  • Export or teach/use Curriculum outside of the United States without express written permission of DebateAble™.
  • Alter, copy, or distribute Curriculum, with the exception of those pages specifically identified in the Syllabus as being for classroom use, and even those should only be distributed as part of Curriculum instruction or participation.
  • Copy any portion of Curriculum to an internet site.

Use of DebateAble Name:

  • Any individual or entity purchasing DebateAble Curriculum to lead a club, class or program may not include the DebateAble name in the title of the club, class or program without express, written permission from DebateAble or its Director. 
  • However any advertising or promotional materials  referencing the club, class or program must refer to the use of DebateAble's copyrighted curriculum in some manner.


Our Curriculum encourages ethical and respectful behavior towards others, inside and outside of the debate arena. We ask that you model those qualities both in front of your debaters and in your agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions.  Thank you.

The only damages available to Licensee under this Agreement are the refund of its License Fees. No consequential or indirect damages are permitted. DebateAble does not make any representations or warranties to Licensee as to fitness for purpose or effectiveness of the content or materials in the DebateAble Curriculum Package.