Feedback from Educators, DebateAble Families and Students

I've noticed that students who participated in DebateAble's Debate Club have an ability to think critically from many perspectives about a variety of topics.  During our Persuasive Essay Unit, these students were able to create theses that were direct, specific and meaningful.  In addition, Debate Club students were able to support their topics by including facts that were researched or examples from personal experiences.  They were also able to predict and analyze possible points of view that could be argued against their theses.  In most cases, Debate Club students had the ability to cause classmates to rethink their initial positions on a topic and change their minds! 

– Jana H., 4th grade teacher at Queen Anne Elementary, Seattle

I noticed that the ‘debate students’ were offering coaching and support to their peers that haven’t had any formal debate training. They had advice for them about how to best say their arguments and they provided leadership to their informal debate teams. I would have imagined that some of the ‘debate kids’ may have tried to take over, but they encouraged others, helped coach and support their peers in the debate, and offered compliments at the end of the debate for others on the opposing team. Not only that, but their arguments were appropriately backed with evidence. It was VERY obvious to me that the skills they are learning in the debate class are easily being transferred to the every day classroom. This not only helps those particular kids, but really raises the level of the debate as a whole. Which makes my job easier as well!

– Kylie K., 6th grade teacher at Catharine Blaine K-8, Seattle

Very happy to see the growth in confidence [my child] has had by participating in this program. Wonderful program!  Thank you.

– Shelly G., parent

I've watched [my daughter] blossom in her confidence and love of debate.  Her coach has done a wonderful job of  teaching not only the structure of debate, but how to really participate and thrive. 

– Larisa S., parent

Thank you for making this opportunity available to these kids.  Impressively well-organized tournament and fun for the kids and parents alike.

– Celeste B., parent

My child's confidence in public speaking has been enhanced through participation in this great program. 

– Patrick S., parent

Thank you! [My son] is a much more confident speaker and critical thinker!

– Holly P., parent

I'm so glad we did this!  Great experience and confidence-builder.  Also, great teamwork and skill-building.

– Carrie P., parent

I'm so excited that you've made this available. I feel strongly that this is essential for my child's success in school and life.

Maria C., parent

I think this program is outstanding.  I cannot imagine how much better I would have done in my first moot court experience if I had something like DebateAble in my background (not to mention other doors this would have opened by releasing my fear of public speaking at an earlier age).  You are really helping to set these kids up for success and giving back to the community by doing so. 

Abigail S., Corporate Counsel Attorney; DebateAble Volunteer Judge